Document Type : Research Paper


1 Lab. P.D.E., Algebra and Spectral Geometry, Department of mathematics, Faculty of sciences, P.O.Box 133, Ibn Tofail University in Kenitra; Morocco.

2 Analysis, P.D.G $\&$ Spectral Geometry. Lab. M.I.A.-S.I., CeReMAR, Department of Mathematics, P.O. Box 1014, Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco.

3 Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences, Ibn Zohr University, Agadir, Morocco.


We define in a natural way the bicomplex analog of the frames (bc-frames) in the setting of  bicomplex infinite Hilbert spaces, and we characterize them in terms of their idempotent components. We also extend some classical results from frames theory to bc-frames and show that some of them do not remain valid for bc-frames in general. The construction of bc-frame operators and Weyl--Heisenberg bc-frames are also discussed.


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