Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Urmia University, P.O.Box 165, Urmia, Iran.


In this paper, we investigate approximations of the $k-th$ partial ternary cubic derivations on non-Archimedean $\ell$-fuzzy Banach ternary algebras and non-Archimedean $\ell$-fuzzy $C^{*}$-ternary algebras. First, we study non-Archimedean and $\ell$-fuzzy spaces, and then  prove the stability of partial ternary cubic $*$-derivations on non-Archimedean $\ell$-fuzzy $C^{*}$-ternary algebras. We therefore provide a link among different disciplines: fuzzy set theory, lattice theory, non-Archimedean spaces, and mathematical analysis.


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