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1 Department of Mathematics, Aliabad katoul Branch, Islamic Azad University, Aliabad katoul, Iran.

2 Department of Mathematics, Azadshahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Azadshahr, Iran.


In 2014, Zead Mustafa introduced $b_2$-metric spaces, as a generalization of both $2$-metric and $b$-metric spaces. Then new fixed point results for the classes of  rational Geraghty contractive mappings of type I,II and III in the setup of $b_2$-metric spaces are investigated. Then, we prove some fixed point theorems under various contractive conditions in partially ordered $b_2$-metric spaces. These include Geraghty-type conditions, conditions that use comparison functions and almost generalized weakly contractive conditions. Berinde in [17-20] initiated the concept of almost contractions and obtained many interesting fixed point theorems. Results with similar conditions were obtained, \textit{e.g.}, in [21] and [22]. In the last section of the paper, we define the notion of almost generalized $(\psi ,\varphi )_{s,a}$-contractive mappings and prove some new results. In particular, we extend Theorems 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 of  Ciric in [23] to the setting of $b_{2}$-metric spaces. Also, some examples are provided to illustrate the results presented herein and several interesting consequences of our theorems are also provided. The findings of the paper are based on generalization and modification of some recently reported theorems in the literature.


Main Subjects

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